The BEST lunches of the school year!

Is it just me or does your house have that end of Summer “grime” all over. We also live in Charleston where its managed to rain, what feels like EVERYDAY and the humidity isn’t helping me feel any less “grimey”.  We’ve really been good about the kid’s chores this summer, trying to maintain organization. But August is always just a tough month for me- I feel like I’m in slow motion. This week in particular- right before we start back to school- always seems to be the busiest and I’m definitely trying to pack 20lbs of Sh*t in a 10lb bag. Adding to the stress, I’ve done a very poor job of saying “no” and setting any work or volunteer boundaries. So I've managed to over-commit. Then I'm exhausted at the end of every day and I tell myself that I just need to "Netflix & Sofa" because that is my form of "self care". In other words, not everything is getting done. However, I know it will all get done, and everyone will start the first day of school and then, there will be new challenges to tackle. 

So, here’s to that first week of school, where the lunches you pack are perfect, and hoping that you can have the discipline to get the summer grime off of the house!

Tilling tip of the day~

Grow a rose bush in a potato

Not as hard as you think! You can take the trimmings from other roses that you have cut, and stick them into potatoes. Yes, you read that right! Securing the trimming in the potato makes it easier to plant it. Simply dig a small hole in the dirt, stick the potato in the hole, and cover it back up. This avoids the need to buy a rose plant and follow all the rules that come with it.

Teenager tip of day~ Here are some “Back to School” suggestions from Psychology Today on what to say to your tweens & teens on starting a new school year! 

1. “The first tip I would give is to believe in yourself and to try to always do the right thing. Sometimes people will do what is cool as opposed to what is safe or nice.”

2. “Keep your focus on your school work. Pay attention in class and complete your homework.”

3. “Don't procrastinate when it comes to studying and homework.”

4. “Be selective with the friends you choose. Don't befriend someone who is not a good influence on you. Don't judge a person, but if someone makes you feel uncomfortable, or if their definition of right and wrong is different from yours, gently stop spending time with him or her. Surround yourself with people you can grow with in a positive direction.”

5. “Create joy in your life by not beating yourself up. If you’re not doing well with something ask for help. No one is perfect at everything, but everything is perfect about you.”