The Realhousewives of Charleston

This blog has been delayed…. Last week I successfully got three children back to school!

Whoo Hoo!

I was going to try and do something clever & funny on back to school…but there is something else that is consuming all of my free time.


The Bethenny and Carole friendship is imploding tonight on the reunion and we will be voyeurs to this taped, horrific explosion. And if you were wondering I am #TeamBethenny

I am obsessed with the ALL of the housewives. I do miss the old days before they had professional make-up and stylist. Today they were airing the first season of NY and it made me super nostalgic for “real” reality TV.

But watching this dumpster fire of a RHONY season- where legit friends turn on each other, it got me thinking about grown women- moms in particular (this show is supposed to be about HOUSEWIVES/MOMS) and how absolutely vicious they can be. I have definitely had “mom friendships” that I don’t have anymore. Life gets in the way, kiddos go in different directions- I personally have changed some of my views on life, and therefore some of my friendships have changed. I also…got divorced. For some reason in Charleston, that caused a great amount of judgement towards me. But again- I will delve deeper into the “D” word at a later time.

Watching this reunion, it makes me wonder, how other Mom’s have handled changing/shifting friendships? Do you just ghost them? Do you confront them? Do you post passive aggressive Facebook messages?

Let me know how you’ve handled the shifting of “mom-friendships”~ all and any advice might help another Mama! 

Tilling Tip of the Day~

Diapers aren’t just for doo doo! Place one in the bottom of a potted plant to help it retain moisture for longer. This would be great for those summer annuals that require daily watering.


Teenager Tip of the Day~ 

Teach your Teen to TIP! They are going out on dates and with friends- I always feel bad when a server gets a table full of teenagers. We can change this narrative- that they will not tip- TEACH THEM TO TIP!