Tilling & Teenagers

Welcome to “Tilling & Teenagers”!

This is my blog. Finally. I have thought, at length, about it for a couple of years now.

My name is Lizz Schleifer, I have 3 children, Jack who is 15, Charlie who is 14, and Lola who will be 12 next month. This blog is going to be about raising “Big Kids”, being a business owner, a wife, and how I do it ALL… without daily valium & vodka… HAHA… just kidding.

A bit of background as to how I got here~

My office has always been a “home office”. The business that took off quickly, was being an event designer/coordinator for some of the South’s finest weddings 😉 Working while they were young was actually kinda great. They didn’t realize I was gone- their memories when I talk to them now- they think I was a “SAHM”- which is hilarious. Now that they are “Big Kids”- they KNOW that I am gone. Not only do my children need me, but I was killing myself owning/running a business that was physically and mentally demanding. OH, then I’d come home and work my other job that was physically and mentally demanding- having 3 children.

This is a milestone year for me. I am turning 40. I have decided to shut down a successful, event planning business. I have deemed myself (with years of experience) a “Haus & Garden Stylist”. Will I make money doing this? I have no damn clue. But at this point in my life- it’s worth my sanity.  I have decided to blog about this journey. I know there are other women, moms, who like me, are trying to hold it all together- career, marriage, children. Parenting is hard as hell. There are plenty of blogs that address that. I think that most of them focus on raising infants, toddlers, maybe even middle schoolers. I’ve been doing the “teenager” thing for a couple years now. Everyone makes sarcastic comments about raising teenagers. But GUESS WHAT? I LOVE HAVING BIG KIDS! I know, I’ve lost my damn mind, right? BUT- That doesn’t mean I don’t lose my shit once a day (occasionally). 😊

The name of this blog is “Tilling & Teenagers”. The definition of “tilling” is to prepare and cultivate the land. Which is pretty apropos to what we are doing with our teenagers, preparing them for life, cultivating their minds as they become the people they will be when they leave the casa.  This blog is for the mom’s who want to keep it real about the teenagers. I plan to tackle the hard subjects like; should I pay for braces or my botox this month? Have I had enough vodka to make me relaxed while my 15 year old is driving? Yes, my daughter is turning into to a mini me, and yes, I know it is payback.

So, I hope you will read, follow along, send me suggestions, and comments-BUT you can keep your concerns to yourself. This blog is to be taken light hearted, but bring insight into how I manage to not strangle my two, soon to be THREE teenagers while being a “BOSS MOM”.

P.S. I hate terms like “Boss Mom”… so know, that is supposed to be funny.

Tilling tip of the day! TEST YOUR SOIL!

 Locally we do it through Clemson and it rocks! 



Teenager tip of the day~ 

Keep your eye on the goal

It's easy to lose sight of the big picture when you're frustrated by your teen's most recent report card or you're flustered because your teen keeps neglecting his chores. But, it's important to keep your eye on the big goal—to raise a responsible teen who is equipped to deal with the challenges of the real world. Focusing on the long-term goals will help you let go of the little things that don't matter.