My AFTER OFFICE~ so clean & organized! You can just FEEL the productivity coming out of this bad boy!

I had the pleasure of going to lunch with an old high school friend this week who moved to Charleston a year ago- but this is the first time we’ve had a chance to do something. Why would it take a whole year for us to get together? We both work… oh and have 3 kids each. Also. We’re freaking tired.  We’re both turning 40 (TICK TOCK) but what was incredibly interesting, was how we both expressed how DONE with so many things we were.  We have both had intense careers for the last 10 years. We have both made the decision to take a step back from those careers to have more of a focus on our children, our marriages…oh and OURSELVES. You know that whole “self-care” thing!

I don’t know why the thought of “self-care” still sounds so selfish to me. But IT DOES. I am such a better mama and wife when, my hair is done, I’ve had some sleep, a good glass of champagne!  

But I have moments of self-doubt and think that my self-care is selfish. Let me tell you about a part of my week that gives me so much anxiety & how it relates to a form of self-care… bear with me here…

I have MASSIVE Sunday Scaries… organizing a 15, 14, and 12 year old for each week gives me serious anxiety. I MISS Sunday Funday brunching…but feeling a little tipsy on Sunday evenings was just making more anxious. Soooo, I’ve taken a tip from my own Instagram (YES I’m a BIG believer in organization and preparation) and I’ve been meal planning, homework planning, bill planning, JUST organizing my whole week on Sundays. Besides the vortex of the hurricane week- I’ve been EVEN more diligent for the last month. This was the week that I really found my prep on Sunday- eased my Sunday Scaries. NOW… circling back around. Being this organized and prepared, has been “self-care” for me. Easing those “Sunday Scaries” is making me a better mom & wife that is FOR SURE.

Organizing is one of the services I offer to other busy moms. It’s not selfish to get help. That help, may be getting your kitchen pantry organized, your closet, your kids closets. Its amazing how decluttering WILL HELP you to decompress.  I had a prospective client email and wanted “no judgement” about their cluttered house. So full disclosure- this was my unproductive office in January- and how it is now. I HAD MY OWN HELP from mom mother-in-law. Because sometimes you’re so deep in clutter- you need to ask for help!


Tilling Tip of The Day~ TOUR LOCAL! This is one of my favorite organizations to be a part of! Tour downtown homes and gardens & support preservation in Charleston, Sc with the Fall Tour of Homes & Gardens  


Teenager Tip of The Day ~ I was recently talking to another mom-friend who was still making her MIDDLE SCHOOLERS lunches. UM NO. THEY SHOULD BE MAKING THEIR OWN LUNCHES. Even my high school boys that are half disasters make their lunches. This is where self-care starts- teaching your children to be responsible! #justsaynotomakinglunches 😊